This Weak in Politics, Vol. 253

July 15, 2021

Republicans have often bragged that they are the ones who will protect us from harm — and that they will do so without infringing on liberty.

Well, unless you are black.

Or brown.

Or a woman.

But we digress.

Looked at in a certain way, new numbers suggest they might be on to something. Data suggest that indeed, under Republican leadership, you are far less likely to get shot. Unfortunately, that’s with a vaccination, not with a gun.

As a result of their obsession with perpetuating their lies about Covid-19, Republicans are now in the awkward position…

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 252

July 1, 2021

One of the most difficult parlor games in the United states these days is guessing which Republican is so irredeemably offensive that he or she (but let’s face it, he) will become the frontrunner for the 2024 republican presidential nomination. The competition these past couple of weeks for who is the biggest stool in the GOP stoolbox has become unexpectedly intense.

Florida man Ron DeSantis had been in the catbird seat, but sitting at the same table as President Biden during a horrific crisis as he did this week might be just enough humanity to sentence him…

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 251

President Joe Biden lures Vladimir Putin (R-Moscow) into his trap with the pull-my-finger trick in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday

June 17, 2021

After a 6 month I hate us, we have decided it is time to bring TWITPOL back! We have all been through a lot these past 6 months, and we figured it is time to remind us all that no matter how much the world bugs us, it’s cicada laugh at bad puns.

To the news!

What a difference an election makes! President Joe Biden, fresh off of shoving absolutely no-one out of the way to get his fat ass in a photo, this week went to Geneva for a long-awaited…

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 250

January 1st, 20-twenty-fucking one, baby.

Oh what a year this week has been. We would write one of those sappy year in review things, but that ground has been covered. Hell, the History Channel has already made a movie version.

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 249

December 11, 2020

It has been 37 days since President-Elect Joe Biden soundly defeated one-term President Donald Trump. Since then, Trump and his legal “strike force” have been handed a courtroom defeat more than once a day in their effort to overturn the election. Apparently they actually were tired of winning. And if you are 1–55 in court cases, and need to bring respectability and likability to your legal team so as to charm judges, to whom should you turn?

Clearly, Ted “Zodiak Killer” Cruz. Well, at least according to… Ted “Zodiak Killer” Cruz.

This Weak in Politics Vol. 248

December 4, 2020

Well, the president’s krak team of lawyers continued to dominate the news this week by losing case after case in court after court. The team, which “lawyer” Jenna Ellis dubbed as an “elite legal strike force” has suffered more court losses than the Cleveland Cavaliers, and that’s saying something.

In addition to their three and a half dozen losses so far, the elite legal strike force has upcoming losses scheduled in Georgia, Wisconsin, and for the eleventeenth time, in Pennsylvania. These guys have lost in Pennsylvania more often than the Cleveland Browns, and that’s saying something.

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 247

November 26, 2020

In honor of the fact that Q-Anon conspiracy theorist and now former-felon Michael Flynn has been pardoned by President Trump, we thought we would present the following Democracy Massacree.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Q can get anything it wants at Malice’s restaurant
Q can get anything it wants at Malice’s restaurant
Walk right in, unless you’re black
But you’re gonna have to give to Trump’s Super PAC
Q can get anything it wants at Malice’s restaurant

This song is called “Malice’s Restaurant
It’s about Malice, and the
Restaurant, but “Malice’s Restaurant” is not really a restaurant,
That’s just the name of…

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 246

November 19, 2020

We are not going to say that Donald Trump’s attempted coup (“coup d’etwat” as we’ve previously referred to it) is an amateurish mess, but… if this coup team were in the NFL, they’d be the Jets.

The Winnipeg Jets. Yes, that bad.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the legal team is currently 1–33 in the courtroom, and today they held their first press conference outside of a landscape business in weeks, and the big takeaway was that the shoe polish Rudy Giuliani uses to color his “hair” seems to melt under the…

This Weak in Politics Vol. 245

The King… err, president, and his minions, are said to be plotting a way to stage a coup.

November 12, 2020

Before we get started with this abbreviated week in review, let us just say how glad we are to be back.

Our last issue was 17 years ago, on July 30, 2020. We assume nothing has changed since we left, so we’ve turned a beautiful corner and the coronavirus is a distant memory, Joe Biden can’t win the general election unless he chooses Elizabeth Warren as his nominee, though luckily Florida is in the bag. Even if it’s not and a court battle ensues, Justice Roberts will join Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the court’s liberals in doing…

This Weak in Politics, Vol. 244

July 30, 2020

For all those who have wondered just how much more bizarre the Trump years could get? We have an answer. Things could get demon semen bizarre. That’s how much. Just when you thought there was no further to go, we learn that this one goes to eleven.

For those of you who don’t know where this semen stuff is coming from, here’s the jizzt of the story:

President Trump this week retweeted a video by a “Doctor” who says that schools should reopen, because there is a cure for COVID-19… hydroxychloroquine and that masks are unnecessary. Other…

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Bouchard (1967-Now) is an American “writer” & “humorist.” A cyclist, he’s tied w/ Lance Armstrong in Tour de France wins. Combined w/ Jeff Bezos, is worth $100B

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