A Very Brief Briefing on Coronavirus — Plus Some Grief Griefing

April 9, 2020

This is an incredibly tough week in which to write. As such, we will be uncharacteristically brief.

Here’s the update:

Coronavirus sucks.

President Trump’s response to it has too.

The United States — even when China is removed from the equation — has under 5% of the world’s population. We also have 30% of the world’s confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Trump promised us we’d do so much winning we’d get tired of it.

Well, we’re exhausted.

And because he is a man who loves to set records, we will point out he’s about to set a new one. The US is about to become the first nation to hit 500,000 cases of coronavirus. #MAGA

So much winning.

Dampening our national mood even more, John Prine died this week. The man who would have been best suited to put this whole mess in perspective for us — with tears and laughter — has been taken from us.

While Prine never recorded a song about Donald J. Trump, we suspect if he did it would sound something like this.

And that’s the way the weak spent the week in a nation where we‘ve gone from fearing our government wasn’t telling us everything they know — to a president telling us everything he doesn’t know.

We miss the former.

TWITPOL will be back to normal next week. We promise.

Ok, fine… we hope.

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Steve Bouchard

Steve Bouchard

Bouchard (1967-Now) is an American “writer” & “humorist.” A cyclist, he’s tied w/ Lance Armstrong in Tour de France wins. Combined w/ Jeff Bezos, is worth $100B